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As your IT partner, Hill Country Computer offers a variety of custom services to help you develop and deploy your solution - and provide the in- and out-of- warranty support you need.

Warranty programs
Because each customer has different support needs, Hill Country Computer offers a range of programs to meet them - including depot, parts only and on-site plans that reimburse resellers for labor costs associated with repairs. Learn about Hill Country Computer warranty programs now. >>

On-site service plans
Hill Country Computer offers a range of support services to help you keep your customers' PC infrastructure up and running. If you're a customer who prefers not to offer post-installation support, or who has users outside your geographic market, you can still give your users the service they require by tapping our on-site service network. More than 4,000 authorized service providers with contracted rules of engagement are available to provide that support - and extend your market coverage and service capabilities. Learn about on-site service plans and become a service provider today! >>

Custom solutions
Companies who require devices built on PC type architecture can leverage Hill Country Computer' tremendous expertise in PC manufacturing to customize their solution. Our capabilities cover all aspects of manufacturing, from design and product engineering through full production and lifecycle management. We'll collaborate with you to develop cost-effective, turnkey solutions, allowing you to focus on your core business. Learn about partnering with Hill Country Computer to customize a hardware platform for your unique solution. >>

Flexible financing services
Hill Country Computer provides a variety of financing options to improve cash flow and increase the size of your sale - including terms, credit card transactions, standby letters of credit, joint check/joint P.O., and leasing agreements. Leasing is an excellent solution for companies who may not want to invest capital into equipment purchases, and who want to realize tax advantages by leasing. You can get estimated lease pricing for users - with your total cost of ownership - whenever you configure a system online.

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