M3000N Series
Intel® Centrino™
Mobile Technology
14.1" XGA LCD, 2.27 kg 
2-Spindle 14.1" XGA/SXGA+ TFT
Pentium® M processor up to 1.7 GHz
Intel® 855 GM Chipset
Intel® PRO/Wireless 2100 Network Connection
Secondary battery available
PortBar III Support
Touchpad lock support

M2000N Series
Intel® Centrino™
Mobile Technology
14.1" XGA LCD, 2.2 kg
2-Spindle 14.1" XGA TFT
Pentium® M processor up to 1.6+ GHz
PortBar III Support
Intel® 855 GM Chipset
Intel® PRO/Wireless 2100 Network Connection

S1000N Series
Intel® Centrino™
Mobile Technology
13.3" XGA LCD, 1.9 kg 
Intel® Centrino™ Mobile Technology 
Intel Pentium®M processor up to 1.6 GHz
13.3" XGA TFT
PortBar III and Ai-Box Support
Intel 855 GM Chipset
Intel PRO/Wireless 2100 Network Connection

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Announcing Intel® Centrino™ mobile technology. Intel has expanded its history of innovation with new notebook capabilities designed specifically for the mobile world. Now you can work, play and connect without wires. And choose from a whole new generation of thin, light notebooks designed to enable extended battery life.

This new innovative technology enables:

Integrated wireless LAN capability
Breakthrough mobile performance
Extended battery life
Thinner, lighter designs

The Intel Centrino mobile technology brand is your assurance that you're using innovative and reliable technology. With Intel Centrino mobile technology, you don't need to study a technical manual or bring along special equipment to connect. That's because Intel is working with hardware and software developers and wireless service providers with the goal of delivering an integrated wireless mobile computing experience.

Built for Wireless

With Intel Centrino mobile technology, you can connect from Wi-Fi-certified wireless LAN networks and hotspots all over the world, without hunting for a phone jack or plugging in a special card. Find out more.

Experience Breakthrough Mobile Performance

Get the advanced mobile computer power you need when you're away from your desk. Intel Centrino mobile technology-based notebooks are engineered to run productivity-enhancement software. Find out more.

Get a Notebook That Enables Extended Battery Life

Intel Centrino mobile technology enables extended battery life—so you can unplug without being disconnected. Find out more.

Use a Thinner, Lighter Notebook

Intel Centrino mobile technology is uniquely designed for mobility. And that means you can choose from a whole new generation of lighter, sleeker notebooks. Find out more.

Wireless connectivity and some features may require you to purchase or download additional software, services or external hardware. Availability of public wireless LAN access points limited. System performance measured by MobileMark* 2002. System performance, battery life, wireless performance and functionality will vary depending on your specific hardware and software configurations. Get more information.
Intel(R) Centrino(TM) Mobile Technology
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Built for Wireless
Breakthrough Mobile Performance
Enables Extended Battery Life
Thinner, Lighter Notebooks
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